L.E.A - Avocats specialises in business law.

L.E.A – AVOCATS has offices in Poitiers, Paris and Seville. For its French and overseas clients, it has developed significant expertise in its specialist areas.

In 2012, L.E.A – AVOCATS celebrated twenty years since opening an office in Spain, and in 2013 celebrated fifty years since its foundation in Poitiers. It was founded in 1963 by Jean-Marie LELOUP, at that time teaching at the law school before becoming head of the Ecole de Commerce (School of Commerce). The Firm was soon consolidated with the arrival of Michèle LELOUP, followed by Philippe MISSEREY in 1977 and by the opening of an office in Paris in the 80s.

Called to Seville to provide legal training for young Andalusian entrepreneurs, L.E.A – AVOCATS took advantage of the opportunity offered by the Universal Exposition of Seville in 1992 (Expo ’92) to open an office on the spot, notably with Belén CASTRO LOBERA then Prudencio MARTINEZ-FRANCO. In 1999, Antoine SIMON joined the Paris office. The team grew further with the addition of Lucile ASSELIN in Poitiers, Inmaculada CEBADA-MADRAZO in Seville.

Today, L.E.A – AVOCATS is a multi-bar association bringing together barristers from Poitiers, Paris and Andalusia and putting its experience at your disposal in the three cities where it is based.