L.E.A - Avocats has clients throughout France and an international clientele.
Our clients, some of whom we have served for several decades, comprise both large companies, heads of franchise or concessions networks or chain stores and small and medium enterprises, are active in many areas of product and services distribution, such as: :— Commercial agencies
— The automotive industry
— Office equipment
— Industrial design
— Petroleum distribution
— Training and education
— Clothing
— Hire and maintenance of professional linen
— Opticians
— Sailing
— Fast food and traditional cateringL.E.A – Avocats acts as a consultant in order to implement appropriate solutions for your projects (networks creation and organisation, designing and drafting pre-contractual information documents, reviewing instruction manuals, drafting all commercial agreements, trademark law, legal training for network leaders, etc.) and resolve business disputes amicably or in court.