L.E.A – Avocats : Business Transfers

Services typically provided to companies operating outside of France and Spain

  • L.E.A – Avocats can advise its clients on any operation they need to undertake outside of France and Spain, in particular :
  • – Negotiating and drafting commercial agreements.
  • – Setting up sales or distribution networks.
  • – Acquisition of holdings, setting up joint subsidiary companies.
  • – Purchases of businesses and controlling interests.
  • – Commercial disputes.

List of services typically provided for the acquisition of majority interests

  • 1 – Legal audit of the company to be acquired.
  • 1.1. Check of company documents (articles of association, records of decisions taken at meetings, external auditors reports, etc.).
  • 1.2. Check on registration of collateral (pledges, liens, etc).
  • 1.3. Check on the main agreements guaranteeing the company’s activity and, above all, the distribution agreements.
  • 1.4. Appraisal of the validity of the brands.
  • 2 – Identification of the method of acquisition to be used depending on the restrictions, objectives and definition of a transactions programme.
  • 3 – Negotiating, drafting or reviewing the legal documents pertaining to the transfer and in particular :
  • – The transfer order or deed of transfer.
  • – Commitment to sell.
  • – Reference (or pre-emption) agreement.
  • – Liability guarantee.
  • – Statutory amendments (capital increase, etc.).